This sketch was written over the course of a few hours by me, Jayce Hill, Alan Richardson, and Stu McCallister and performed during  Kevin Mcdonald's show in Sioux Falls on 2-23-19.

Stand Up!

Here's my showcase set from the 2019 Sno Jam Festival! 

People of Comedy Showcase!

Be Bold

Check out this sketch I got to do with the Duck Duck Gray Duke crew!

Not These Chairs

Here's a sketch I wrote and recorded with the amazing Royal Stein!

The Roast of Andy Mattfield

I was given the honor of being roasted. I put time stamps on each comic below so skip around as you please or watch in its entirety. Shout of to Chris Duke of Duck, Duck, Gray Duke podcast, give that a listen here. 

Comics: Hosts Devohn Bland and Comrade Tripp, Rebecca Wilson, Tom Chillstrom, Andy Keenan, Alex Pitra, Chris Duke. Royal Stein, Riley Cosgrove, Kelly Jean, Rita Joy, Madi RT, Andrew Witzel, and Me

Duck Duck Gray Duke - Pay Your Bills

Check out Duck Duck Gray Duke! Such a fun show. Give them a like/subscribe on their youtube, facebook, and everywhere!