Andy is from the small town of Bovey, Minnesota. He spent most of his days amusing himself in the woods while growing in to a gentle lumberjack. He recently was held up by the house he purchased with his fiancée and is quietly recovering from the torment. Andy hosts the Hard Day Diaries podcast and has performed at the 2018 and 2019 Sno Jam Comedy’s Festival.

Andy has opened for Shannan Paul, Steve Gillespie, Mike Brody, Chris Maddock, Tim Meadows and more. 

Social Media


Twitter: @mattfailed

Instagram: @mattfailed

Snapchat: ohswell

Facebook: Andy Mattfield

Youtube: mattfailed

Real Life Testimonials


"If you were in Rochester, you would've killed tonight" Lady from a show in Waterville, MN

"Your set was hilarious, I'm sorry there wasn't anyone here to see it" Robert the Bartender.

"You're not special" Bonnie Matheson, 2002

"You are a grim m***** f***** but g** d*** are you funny" Guy after Show at Lakes and Legends


Headshots done by Dena Denny Photography